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Price List 2015

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  • Selective Seafoods Dressed Crab


    Dressed Crabs

    £4.50 each (approx 115g)

  • Selective Seafoods Brown Crabs


    Whole Crabs


    Local Crab Claws



  • Selective Seafoods: Pots of Crab Meat

    Pots of Crab Meat

    Pots of Mixed Crab Meat: £8.00/250g
    Pots of Brown Crab Meat: £6.00/250g
    Pots of White Crab Meat: £10.00/250g

  • Selective Seafoods Lobster



    £24.00 per kilo

  • Whole Greenland Prawns



    Whole Greenland Prawns

    £4.00 for 455g

    Peeled Greenland Prawns

    £4.00 for 225g

  • Dicentrarchus labrax


    Locally caught Bass



  • Selective Seafoods Home Made Products

    Home made from the freshest ingredients for you to heat and serve at home.


    Home made Crab Soup

    Coming Soon

    £3.00 per 300ml pot

  • Luxury Seafood Pie

    Selective Seafoods Seafood Pie
    [lobsters, white crab meat, prawns, white wine sauce, piped creamed potato]

    from £6.50 for 1 portion pie or 2 starters; £12.50 for 2 portion pie (other sizes made to order)

  • Home made Seafood Cocktails

    Coming Soon
    [white crab, lobster, prawns, white wine sauce, surrounded by mashed potato]

    £4.00 each

  • Home made Crab Pasties

    Selective Seafoods Crab Pastie

    £1.50 each

    please ask for ingredients list
  • Home made Crab Pizza

    Selective Seafoods Crab Pizza

    £1.50 per portion

    please ask for ingredients list
  • Please ask about our range of Home made Produce.

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    Our products are all of the highest quality and produced using traditional artisan methods, sourcing local produce and meeting the highest standards of food safety and hygiene to create delicious dishes for you to enjoy at home.


    To ensure your crabs, lobsters and other Selective Seafoods products reach you in the best possible condition, we have set up a NEXT DAY DELIVERY facility for orders received Monday - Thurs. UK Only.


    All seafood has a shelf-life of 5 days unless otherwise stated. All products are labelled, dated and batch numbered.


    Postage & Packing: £12.50 for up to 20kg in weight. This guarantees next day delivery, Tuesday - Friday, and covers orders up to 20kg in weight [equivalent to approx 60 crabs].


    If you wish to order smaller quantities, then why not get together with friends and share the cost of delivery.

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