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About Us

WhY it all began

Our company Selective Seafoods came into being over 20 years ago, when myself (Mary White) and my partner Gareth Griffiths realised that although we lived on a peninsula, namely the Llŷn in North Wales; and there was a small but thriving lobster fishery, there were no crabs or lobsters available to purchase locally. On further investigation we discovered that about 95% of the catch was collected by one company, based on Anglesey, and exported to Spain.

Early Days

We decided there would definitely be a market here on the Peninsula and bought a small boat and 35 crab pots. We brought home what we caught, opened a book to learn how to clean and present them and after a few trial runs were happy with the result. One of the bonuses we discovered of this approach was that we could eat all the mistakes!
We put a handwritten sign at the end of our lane and on the first Sunday we had traffic jams! We also phoned around to local pubs, shops and cafés and soon had a full order book.

THE Story Continues

We live near Tudweiliog which is approximately six miles from both Abersoch and Aberdaron, both popular holiday destinations. We soon had to stop fishing ourselves and buy in from local crab fishermen as we were too busy to supply the demand. By the years 2000-2001 we were producing around 8-10,000 dressed (prepared) crabs a year and selling most of them locally to businesses but more and more to people visiting our home, known as 'Selling from the Gate'.
Some customers, who were only visiting the area, asked if we could post crabs and lobsters to them (not something we had considered before). We researched postage methods and options and now have a thriving mail order delivery service.
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